result: differences in context of xml-files

The two xml-files are merged. The detected differences are shown in the context of the merge-result.


Differences are marked by attributes.

This format is suitable for further automatic processing..


Differences are marked by colors.

This format is suitable for the user.The user can detect the differences at a glance.

xml pdf

The pdf-document contains statistic numbers.

all data + differences

All data and all the differences are shown.

only differences

Only the differences between the two xml-files are shown. To make them easily understandable, they are shown in the xml-contest.

xml pdf

This alternative is recommended, if you compare large xml-files.



  • comparing xml-files
  • merging xml-files
  • regrouping xml-files
  • sorting xml-files

<xml>cmp and large xml-files

  • designed for large xml-files
  • low memory consumption
  • very good performance


  • command line interface (unix/dos)
  • java-api

differences are shown in the context of the xml-files:

  • all data + differences
  • only differences
  • output: xml and pdf
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